Years 4/5/6

Taylah Leonard

Hi Everyone! I'm Taylah, Kerry Street's Year 4/5/6 class teacher.

I joined Kerry Street in early 2019 and I have never felt so welcomed into a new role! I just love the atmosphere, culture and support of the school community, which has not just welcomed me, but also my family. 

I have been a teacher for going on four years now and have loved every different experience I have had. I am currently undertaking a Master of Education in Special Needs and Leadership, and have a professional background in special, behavioural and additional needs. Through working at a number of different schools in a variety of roles, I have learnt a lot about creating learning experiences to suit the needs of individual learners. 

In our Year 4/5/6 classroom, I create learning experiences in which students are accountable for their own learning. This incorporates collaborative learning with students whom have their own expertise in different areas, and also learning experiences in which students focus on their own goals and challenges. Our days consist of exploring the curriculum in whole class, small group, one-on-one and individual lessons. We use problem solving strategies to investigate authentic, real life issues.

I confidently maintain, endorse and practice the philosophy that learning is holistic. It is the development of the whole person - their physical, emotional and social well-being, and not just the cognitive and linguistic attitudes of a child - that contributes to their acquisition of knowledge and becoming strong, vibrant and active members of society. I aim each day to provide a learning environment where each student is able to achieve their own goals and push themselves to higher limits.

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