Years 4/5/6

Lucas Black

Hi, I am Lucas and I joined Kerry Street in 2015. I have completed a Masters in Education with First Class Honours and I love applying my knowledge in a school that fosters an ethos of positive and meaningful learning experiences.

I am dedicated to teaching practices that support students as holistic learners and strive to ensure the acquisition of knowledge is matched by an understanding of the processes of learning taking place. I use my experience in classroom management strategies and the design and implementation of engaging and authentic learning experiences to support students learning success. 

In my teaching philosophy, a teacher should develop students' knowledge and understanding as well as promote a strong sense of positive self worth, all the while encouraging an understanding of personal learning approaches. I strive to motivate students and challenge their concepts of learning by providing multi-modal, accessible, differentiated and appealing approach to curriculum. I have strong experiences in the design of engaging and inclusive curriculum which challenges students knowledge through a creative enquiry based approach. 

I believe school is a matter of community and not just a matter of education. Learning cannot be isolated from the environment in which it takes place, and as such the community surrounding the student is very important to me as a teacher (and a parent). Fostering a positive and nurturing environment for learners is easier when parents and a wider community to the child become involved in the engagement and celebration of learning and development. It is widely acknowledged academically that a student’s peer group and parental involvement play an integral part in their academic and personal achievement

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