Years 2/3

Veronika Mihalj

Veronika MihaljHello Everyone!

I'm Veronika and I teach Kerry Street's Year 2/3 class Mondays to Thursdays each week. 

I moved to Western Australia with my family in late 2018 and we are loving the climate, nature and friendliness of the locals. Although I am originally from the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, I feel very much at home here in WA.

I am passionate about creativity, nature and well-being and I love working with children to facilitate engaging learning experiences.

I began my teaching career in a small community school and have taught for 13 years both in international and Australian schools.

I am really enjoying being back in Australia and back in a community school again. I appreciate the dedication and involvement of the parents at Kerry Street, the multi-age learning opportunities and wonderful sense of community.





Shannon Davey

Shannon DaveyHi Everyone. I'm Shannon and I'm the Year 2/3 class teacher on Fridays.

I earned my teaching qualification at the University of Tasmania. My professional experience includes working in school in Perth, London, and Oman, where I was one of three teachers at an international primary school.

I first came to Kerry Street in 2013 as a volunteer to gain more experience when returning to teaching after having my children. I began relief teaching at the school in 2014 and was offered a role as an Education Assistant in 2015.

I value the community-oriented nature of Kerry Street and how nurturing the environment here is. I believe that as educators, we need to provide a space that caters for our students' individual learning styles, interests and needs. Kerry Street does that in a fun and safe way.

When I'm not teaching the Year 2/3 class on a Friday, I'm working alongside Veronika as her Education Assistant. In that capacity, I am lucky to work closely with many students throughout the school. I love helping them to develop new skills, and the opportunity to witness their successes and achievements.




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