Pre-Primary/Year 1

Melissa Kennedy

Melissa KennedyHey! I’m Melissa and I teach the Pre-Primary/Year 1 class on Mondays to Thursdays.

I started at Kerry Street in 2014 and absolutely love the community atmosphere and culture of sharing and support here! I love working with this age group, particularly because at this stage the children progress in leaps and bounds and it is wonderful to see them grow and acquire new skills and knowledge.

My background is in Indigenous education and community schools. I was very lucky to spend the first four years of my career at an Indigenous community school in North East Arnhem Land. In this context, I learnt a lot about working with children and developed some treasured connections with Indigenous families. I was able to experience many challenges but also amazing rewards, including seeing children progress and learn and pick up new concepts, skills and even language.

In the PP/1 classroom, we spend much of our day working in different groups, including similar and mixed ability groupings, groups where students take on roles such as recorder, presenter and reader as well as groups where an expert is teaching their peers a skill or strategy. Our day includes time spent on learning skills and concepts across the learning areas as well as working on whole class or small group projects. These projects may grow from students’ own interests or a problem presented to the class, they may be based around upcoming events or something the school is undertaking as a whole. We use a stimulus, issue or problem to integrate all areas of learning and to complete meaningful tasks allowing students to investigate at their own level ability, where they feel comfortable.

I aim to make our classroom inspiring and engaging for children’s play and exploration. We have ever changing provocations in our room that reflect the students’ interests at that time and the projects we are working on in class. We dedicate time almost every day to play-based investigations where children are given the chance to explore and engage with activities around the indoor and outdoor classroom, giving them a chance to see through individual projects and consolidate learning. 

Abheeti Pass

Abheeti pass with her DaughterHello! I'm Abheeti and I teach the Pre-Primary/Year 1 class on Fridays.

I have lived in both Italy and Japan, mastering the two languages and enabling me to bring my experiences and language knowledge back to the classroom. I offer our students bilingual English/Italian in science, literacy and daily communication with the children, which supports the work our Italian teacher, Caroline, does each week.

I make an effort to emphasise the acts of singing and storytelling in the early childhood arena, and this "old-school" approach can be witnessed in our classroom each Friday.

I have three children who at one time or another have all attended Kerry Street and loved it very much.

Throughout the course of my career in early childhood education, network marketing, health and emerging technology, I have been a regular in the public speaking arena and I continue to share my knowledge on a global scale.






Students presented designs to the Principal for approval to install a swing.

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