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Hello, I’m Karen Kennedy, the Principal of Kerry Street Community School.

Kerry Street is a small school in which I enjoy the privilege of close relationships with all students and families. Through these relationships, we can capitalise on many skills and connections that our community members have, which results in rich learning programs. Families are welcome at all times, and deliberately involved in all aspects of their child’s schooling and governance. The small nature of the school allows great flexibility to design programs that are authentic and personalised, and students are empowered to make a difference.

I am captivated by the culture of Kerry Street, its history and traditions. There is a sense of belonging and a very strong sense of community that comes from the shared values and strong relationships formed. As we look forwards to the future, I will proudly protect these elements that make this charming school unique while seeking innovation and opportunities. 

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Kerry Street Community School
20 Forrest Road
Hamilton Hill, WA 6163
(on the corner of Kerry St)
Phone: 08 9335 1471
PO Box 48, Hamilton Hill, WA, 6963